University of Cambridge, CAMBRIDGE, UK

Carla Martins is group leader at the MRC Cancer Unit in Cambridge UK, where she leads the “Modelling Tumour Development and Therapy” research programme.
She obtained her MSc in Biology and Genetics from Moscow State University, Russia (1995) and did her PhD on retroviral-based in vivo mutagenesis screens at The Netherlands Cancer Institute, in the group of Prof Anton Berns (2003). She then carried out her postdoctoral work at UCSF, USA (2003-2009) in the group of Prof Gerard Evan, where she defined the therapeutic potential of p53 restoration therapy in lymphomas and lung tumours, through the use of a newly developed p53-switchable mouse model.
Carla Martins was also an Associate Scientist in the lab of Prof David Tuveson at the CRUK Cambridge Institute, before starting her own lab in 2011. Her lab uses in vivo tumour models to identify and target the mechanistic drivers of lung tumour progression, with a particular focus on the impact of mutant Kras copy gains on metabolic reprograming and therapy response.
Carla Martins’ awards include a Moscow State University Fellowship (1990), a Gulbenkian PhD Program in Biology and Medicine Fellowship (1996), a Lymphoma & Leukemia Society Fellow Grant (2005), a MRC Centenary Award (2013) and a LCFA/IASLC Lori Monroe scholarship in translational lung cancer research (2016).