Medical University of Graz, GRAZ, AT

Gerald Hoefler is Professor for Pathology and Head of the Institute of Pathology, Medical University Graz (Austria), with a particular interest in molecular pathology, neoplasia and lipid metabolism.
He is Secretary of the Steering Committee of the Group for Molecular Pathology, European Society for Pathology (ESP) and President elect of the Austrian Society of Pathology.
Recently, his research group focused on the effects of tumour growth on triglyceride metabolism. Inhibition of lipolysis in tumour bearing mice demonstrated that adipose triglyceride lipase plays a crucial role in the development of tumour associated cachexia. In addition, loss of adipose triglyceride lipase is associated with cancer development.
During the last five years he has been awarded over 4 million EUR in competitive 3rd party funding. He has published 205 papers listed in PUBMED with a combined IF of 858 that have been cited >6000 times. His current h-index is 42.